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There are no other high school football programs in the state, and only a select few in the entire nation, that have earned the right of being defined as a "dynasty" more than the Shelby Golden Lions. Year in and year out, for more than a century now, the Golden Lions have been the most dominant football force in the State of North Carolina. Shelby has not only played in, at a minimum, back-to-back state title games in the past six decades; 1968/69, 1974/75/76, 1986/87/88, 1997/98, 2004/05/06/07, 2013/14/15/16, 2018/19 but has also won the Championship in each of the past seven decades, 1968, 70/72/75/76, 86/87, 1998, 2005/06, 2013/14/15/16, 2018/19, and 2021. No other high school football program in the state has even played in one title game in each of the five past decades. Shelby has also been back-to-back Champions 4 times, 1975/76, 1986/87, 2005/06 and 2018/19; with a Four-peat of convincing title wins in 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.


The Golden Lions possess the Most Overall Football Wins in the state and have also established Playoff Performance records that are astounding, including Most Playoff Appearances, Most Playoff Games Played, Most Title Game Appearances, and the Highest Playoff Winning Percentage in the state at 83.02%! Think about it. If Shelby doesn't make the sixth round Championship title game, the playoff winning percentage actually goes down!!! The most impressive stat is that with 134 Playoff Wins, the Shelby Golden Lions possess the most playoff wins of any public high school (over 14,000 schools) in the nation!

There have only been six head coaches to lead the Golden Lions since 1936; three of them are alumni. Sons of state champs are state champs! There has only been one losing season in more than 67 years. Shelby has classic battles and rivalries dating back for generations, including the oldest rivalry in the state; The Battle of Buffalo Creek with county opponent Kings Mountain. Considered by many the best rivalry in the state, the Golden Lions-Crest Chargers showdown, brings many thousands of spectators from all over Cleveland County and beyond to Pearley Allen Field or Sid Bryson Stadium. Between these two teams are 18 state titles and 24 championship game appearances in the last 36 years.

It is clear to see the rich history of Shelby High Football. For most teams, when they get the chance to play Shelby, it is the biggest game of their season. Why? Because along with that game comes a test against the best; a challenge to see if they have what it takes to beat the usually unbeatable Golden Lions.


The Golden Lions of Shelby High

are the most successful, sustained,

winningest football program in the state;

they are

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